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Our family has hundreds of years of combined experience eating ice cream. And we all agree it’s the best we’ve ever had.


The flavor that brought about the opening of JACK’S was Espresso Chip. (We still love this flavor!) We later learned that this custard was served at the White House, not at all to our surprise! Always being great lovers of fine ice cream we just felt that others should be able to enjoy this fine product, too. Thus, Jack’s Custard & Cakes was formed in Brighton and our store opened in May 2006.


Now with almost 118 years under our belt, you might say we are still rookies, but we have years of experience tasting and being finicky customers. We now feel like veteran creamery workers as we make custard for you fresh every single day.


You won’t see us dance on the tables or try in vain to entertain you. We and our friendly staff will just welcome you, treat you well, provide you with excellent products at fair reasonable prices, and impeccable service. Why? Because we just love to see you lick your lips and smile!


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